Transform Kitchen Units – Without Breaking The Bank!

Transforming your kitchen may seem like a far off dream – after all, this is a task in which costs can quickly add up, and it doesn’t take long before you are in over your head!

There are, however, tips and tricks which you can employ to totally transform your kitchen – without breaking the bank. If you are in the mood for a makeover, but want to take care of the pennies – read on for our insider insight, and take the first steps towards enjoying a kitchen you truly love.

Use what you have

Too often, the concept of a “new kitchen” involves tearing out the existing foundations, and starting totally from scratch – and there is no denying that this is expensive. There are, however, ways in which you can make the kitchen units and space you already have work for you – all you need is a little creativity.

Start with considering layout – do your kitchen units work for you, or are you having to move from place to place every time you cook? Depending on your needs and preferences, you can place items in new locations to make them more convenient and accessible – for example, by placing pans beside the stove, or spices beside the chopping board. By rearranging your essentials, you will not only give your space a new bolt of fresh energy, but you can also make sure that the kitchen is working for you – all without replacing a single unit!

Get creative!

One of the main issues many homeowners report is that their kitchen units are looking drab, tired, and well past their best. While it can be tempting to assume that the only solution is investing in a whole new kitchen, hold your credit card – you can achieve incredible things with a little wood paint. Give your units a whole new lease of life with a lick of paint – you will be truly amazed at the incredible difference this makes. If the budget allows, you can also purchase new handles, and this will totally transform the look, style and feel of your kitchen units – perfect for updating the whole space with minimal expense.

Always make sure that you buy paint which is designed for kitchen units and cabinets – this may be a little pricier, but it will be designed for hot, steamy rooms, and so is less likely to peel or become degraded by the everyday life of the kitchen.

Wrap this up

In addition to painting your kitchen units, you can also use vinyl or foil wrap to achieve a whole new look – as the name suggests, you simply need to wrap the front and sides of the doors, for an instant, affordable update. This is best for MDF doors, and the wrap is designed to withstand moisture and heat, helping it to stay firmly in place, and offering a stunning new finish to any space. As an added bonus, wrapping is super easy to achieve, and has minimal mess!