Simple steps to clean a mat white kitchen


There are always concerns about how to clean perfectly mat white kitchen floors and cupboards.

If I can be honest, it is pretty simple because you will need around 30 minutes to clean the mat surfaces with the right cleaning products and techniques that I will share with you. It isn’t a secret that mat finish absorbs the light, and some designers think it is better than the glossy one regarding the cleaning of the fingerprints. In other words, mat white kitchens are perfect for families with kids and babies, because you will not be irritated by the spots and patches you observe. Whether it is a correct statement – I give you the word to share your opinion in the comment section. 

Let’s start with the cleaning process and the stuff you will need to clean your mat white kitchen surfaces. As we all know, different finishes require specific products regarding their ingredients and chemicals. 

Soap and water

Actually, using soap and water is a perfect way to clean a mat white kitchen. You need only a container/ vessel and a soft microfiber towel. You can use any cotton based dusters and dishcloths if you want to make that white mat kitchen look brand new again. Remember, when we clean mat surfaces, we do not spray directly, because doing it will leave spots and patches. That’s why it is better and highly recommended to use a dishcloth or a duster which you should previously moisten. Once you wipe clean the kitchen cupboards and shelves, you need to do it again with a soft microfiber before the wet lines become dry. A good tip to know is to rinse and dry afterwards using warm water and a soft cloth to avoid soapy build-up. 

Modern Kitchen
Modern kitchen

Prepare soapy water for a mat white kitchen

Let’s learn how to prepare your soap water.  First, you need two vessels/containers, an eco-friendly soap, gloves, a soft cloth (dishcloth), dusters and the right techniques. Sometimes you can use the sink if you don’t have any container in your home, such as a bowl.  You might wonder how to use the sink?  It is pretty simple.  Firstly, you have to close the plughole/siphon.  Then, fill the sink with warm water and put the soap in.  The liquid should be 50/50.  Make sure there is enough soap, because this will help clean the fingerprints, and the oily spots showed up after cooking.

Once you are done with the soapy water, you need to moisten the dishcloth and the duster.  It is recommended to divide the whole kitchen space surfaces into smaller parts. Remember that cleaning step by step will be effective, and the final results will be perfect.  So what you need to do is wipe the specific part with the soft cloth, and then do it again, but with warm water and a new unused duster, to make the surface dry correctly. 

Is it easy to clean white mat kitchens?

Even though some people think that mat white kitchens are not easy to clean,  everything depends on the way you clean the surfaces and how much effort you invest in the process.  That’s your kitchen and that’s your choice what to use as cleaning products and methods.  I personally have 2 white mat office desks and I have no problems cleaning them daily.  What I do is clean them daily with a cleaning product for windows and glass surfaces but with a lower percentage of alcohol. Once per week I prepare soapy water and clean them with the method that is provided above. That’s all you really need to test it and to see what would work better for you.