Cheap Kitchen Doors

Kitchen doors are one of the most essential things in the kitchen.


They form the basis of the whole kitchen. Also, they make up the entire aesthetics of the kitchen —they are the first thing you see when you enter any kitchen. 

They also have many other functions, including keeping the kitchen neat, uncluttered, and serving as worktops and storage. 

There are different cabinets’ types, and the one you choose would have a significant effect on how your kitchen looks. 


While you’re updating your old kitchen or a new kitchen, you have many decisions to make. This includes colour, finishing, size, design, materials, handle, worktops, and more.

That is why we deal with varieties at Kitchen In. We understand that different clients have different tastes, and picking a cabinet that reflects your taste is our aim.  

Below are some cheap kitchen doors types at Kitchen In:

  • High Gloss Kitchen Doors

The cabinet finish you choose can have a great impact on the overall look of your kitchen. High gloss kitchen doors are one of the most popular due to their shiny finishing and visual appeal. They are also waterproof, easy to clean, and will last many years.

  • Matt Kitchen Doors

The matt kitchen door doesn’t have a glossy appearance, and yet they have a lot of advantages over other materials. They are easy to maintain, scratches, and fingerprints are less visible, making them perfect for homes with kids. 

  • Handleless Kitchen Doors

They are an excellent choice for homeowners who want a spacious and uncluttered look. As the name implies, these doors have no visible handles. This makes them very stylish and safe as there are no handles to bump into.

  • Handleless Rail System Kitchen Doors

This is a type of handleless door that has a rail installed into the cabinets. They are easy to use, and their popularity continues to grow due to its stylish and modern look.

  • Traditional Kitchen Doors

These doors have a great nostalgic design. Because many homeowners prefer to opt for a modern look, traditional doors give a kitchen a unique, old-fashioned, and one of a kind look. 

  • Woodgrain Kitchen Doors

Wood doors are one of the most customizable kitchen doors. They have a great aesthetic that looks good and feels good. Due to their sturdiness, they continue to maintain their beauty and last for many years.

  • Hand Painted Kitchen Doors 

Hand-painted cabinets are painted according to the homeowner’s preference. It can be customized to suit any kitchen. Also, they are durable, and the paint can be retouched over and over even after many years of use.

Update Your Kitchen!

Whether you like your old cabinet and need just a few touches or want a new cabinet, Kitchen In has got you! Pop-out the beauty of your kitchen with our cheap kitchen doors starting at £3.99.

Our products are not only of varieties but of high quality that will last many years. Get in touch with us at to take advantage of our cheap kitchen doors.